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09 04 13

such a sunny day needs a bright tune! "Press PLAY on tape" and let the flute sound:

Col Nolan Quartet -- Take Five

out on Col Nolan Quartet -- Arrangements (M7)

played @ 090124 worldwide international 617 jan-24th-2009


09 04 12

easter sunday needs something with pathos, but NOT pathetic. Like the meeting of these two Giants:

Carl Craig -- Uli Mein Ponyhof (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) (Deutsche Grammophone)

found @  090207 Gilles Peterson Worldwide International 619 @ 56:06min (second hour)

released @ Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald - Recomposed (Remixes 2008)

actually it's a meeting of three giants, forgot Mussorgsky!

09 04 03

while diggin' in old Gilles Peterson Worldwide sessions i found another classic "back to the roots" hip hop tune wich dry bass leads to membrane undusting effects:

Q-Tip -- Scram Jones

heard first @ 01-gilles_peterson_-_worldwide_on_radio_one-dab-01-15-2004 @ 48min

09 04 02

'Hold on, what are you doing? What are you doing? Are you trying to touch
any of this? Who are you? ..."

TY - 'The Tale '

Released on album Awkward (Big Dada) in 2001

heard first @  040226 Gilles Peterson Worldwide show @68min 28s

just a nice summer tale wich perfectly fits to spring taking over outside

09 04 01

You know this feeling when music surrounds you with a warm atmospheric pressure? If not check out this tune:

AFX -- breath march

wich is on the B2 side of  AFX -- Analord 4 vinyl EP, released in 2005. Thank you Richard for this self-contained flavour, wich is back to roots with new improvements

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